Aura-Soma Ingredients


Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that include organic and biodynamic botanicals to enhance happiness and vitality. Every aspect of the process to create Aura-Soma products is infused with love and beneficial intention. Our soil to soul philosophy influences everything we do and why we do it. Our intention is manifesting conscious change on the planet and enabling people to be the best version of themselves.


Caring for all things, we cultivate and select our plants using methods that give back to the earth, creatures and the people who depend on them. As many of our plants and herbs as our climate permits are grown biodynamically on Shire Farm to Demeter-certified standards, a far more comprehensive standard than is required for organic farming. We are committed to high quality agricultural and manufacturing methods. This includes our relationships with trusted suppliers, who share our premium standards. Under no circumstances do we do any testing on animals. We are 100% cruelty free and have been since we were founded.


We bring the distillation process to the fields. Where possible, we extract our floral waters and herbal tinctures at the very moment the plants are picked to retain the integrity of each beneficial property. Our delicate collection method is vital in preserving both the purity and potency of each ingredient. Only the finest botanicals and essential oils are selected for use and are extracted without artificial preservatives or synthetic chemicals.


Each carefully chosen ingredient is taken through our bespoke alchemical process where each are infused with the living energies of colour, light and the vibratory tinctures of crystals and gems and blended within state-of-the-art oloid mixers. These preserve and maximise the vibrational qualities by blending molecular materials with a gentle oscillating motion rather than homogenising or cutting the molecules with sharp blades.


This very personal alchemy is now in your hands. Activated by the wearer, the unique energy in each product is unlocked when it touches your skin. You are the catalyst to realising your happiness and vitality.


From Aristotle and Paracelsus to Rudolf Steiner, scientists, physicians and philosophers have tracked the transformative powers of colour. Viewing it as a universal language that has the power to both transmit qualities of consciousness and to alter states of being. Perfectly articulated by Aura-Soma founder Vicky Wall, ‘You are the colours you choose and these reflect your being’s needs’. It’s the colours we are drawn to that show us not only who we are, but also reveal our greater potential to wholeness and wellbeing.


Our precious plants and herbs are selected based on their therapeutic properties and according to the laws of signatures ie: the plant’s physical appearance and provenance allows us to understand its function, a practice that lies at the root of homeopathy. Many of our botanical ingredients are grown biodynamically, some at our very own Shire Farm near Tetford in Lincolnshire, UK. It’s here that we nurture our rosemary, sunflowers, calendula, clary sage, melissa (lemon balm), lavender and roses.


Crystals contain a living memory of the ages, a consciousness that enables them to be both receivers and transmitters of information which can be a catalyst for knowledge and awareness within us. The cleansing, healing and vibrational powers of crystals and gems have long been revered. It’s their natural colours and vibratory resonance that transmit a unique depth of potency potential, one that is harnessed over the many years it takes to form the stone, sometimes hundreds of thousands of years.


We draw the water for our products from a ground source; natural artesian water flows have greater energy, increased memory potential and better chemical quality. We combine different crystal technology and filtration methods, to break the molecular structure of the water down into a more refined state. To purify and increase its energetic potential we allow the water to flow in spirals as it does in rivers by passing it through specially designed vortex pipes* and crystals. All of this wonderful water technology is something that happens before we combine the water with the herbal and spagyric tinctures, and colour components.

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