The Inner Alchemy Set evolved from the core of Aura-Soma, the Equilibrium bottles. It brought itself to our awareness by changing from the original colours. It seemed that one bottle took over the appearance of another, the next one created its own colour combination, some went pale completely, and others shimmered in warm brilliance. Its arrival confirmed the Aura-Soma view that it is often the bottles with the most intense and visible changes that bring the most important insights. It may be that the inner Alchemy set calls to you,to dance with your soul, to meet the shadow that loves you or to be quiet enough to catch a reflection of that energy. If it calls you – use it and be open to the possibility of further changes within the Set.

  • Inner Alchemy A1 Light Blue / Clear (50ml) 39,16

    The Pearl, Value of the Small, In Oneness the Pearl reflects Gaia, Lao Tsu, Our Blue Globe and The Star We are.; As Above, So Below; Unity, we are all beings of light. Each step we take however small makes a difference, with what attitude shall we approach that step? Wherever you go, there you are.

  • Inner Alchemy A2 Amber / Bronze (50ml) 39,16

    Lord of the Dance, Bliss of Completion and New Beginnings, the spiral of creation, Aurora Borealis, Spiral Motion of all Existence; the Rainbow Serpent, Caduceus, Sunflowers, DNA, and a sense of completion and celebration, harvesting, fruit from our inner soil on the soul’s journey.

  • Inner Alchemy A3 Bronze / Olive (50ml) 39,16

    Gratitude, richness of life, abundance, a polished coal scuttle, Infectious enthusiasm, we get what we expect, so let’s expect the best. The process of making olives edible symbolises the awakening of spirit in matter; it is a matter of spirit and not the quantity of matter. Paradox, feminine leadership makes authority acceptable.

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    Inner Alchemy A4 Olive / Light Lemon (50ml) 39,16

    Chiron, Open Gate, the Chi Rho, Breath of Gaia, Optimism. Trees making oxygen give our lungs a reason to inhale, allowing matter (our bodies) to be imbued with life and light bringing quality and recognition of spirit into all we touch; creating & awakening a connection to the Devic world of Gaia.

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  • Inner Alchemy A5 Light Yellow / Clear (50ml) 39,16

    The Blink, This Instant in Time, Our Twinkling Inner Light, the relaxing of our solar plexus. In the in-between spaces, awareness grows as we allow our inner sun to shine forth into our lives, forth upon those we love and cherish, a twinkle in the eye of divinity.

  • Inner Alchemy A6 Kingfisher Blue / Clear (50ml) 39,16

    Synchronicity, Being in Time Creatively, Pegasus, Starlight radiates through the heart to the Ananda Khanda. What we give returns tenfold if given with no agenda. Time becomes expanded presence; awareness of what is happening right now. Mission becomes knowing and doing what is best for this moment; purpose becomes manifesting grace in this moment now with mastery.

  • Inner Alchemy A7 Bronze / Bronze (50ml) 39,16

    Co-operation, The Alchemy of Community can create quality of life; peace, love, beauty, community and artistic endeavours; Darwin’s later theory, co-operation rather than competition becomes our conscious choice in each moment. A Glastonbury Tale for the greater good. Earth energy consciousness.

  • Inner Alchemy A8 Cobalt / Clear (50ml) 39,16

    Vision, The Seer’s Vision Unfolds. A Spiritual Architect spins a new reality and like Ghandi can illuminate our every thought and deed. Making a difference without glory or glamour like Ghandi, a penetrating view illuminates our actions, a modern day Lao Tsu.

  • Inner Alchemy A9 Midnight Blue / Clear (50ml) 39,16

    Cinderella, Wonder, Communication of wonder and beauty, Metanoia, nurturing grows, our essence glows, in knowing nothing is as it seems; knowing we know nothing, humility. The crystal clear light of inner presence illuminates our rainbow body within the blue sphere of peace and loving kindness. In wonder we allow ourselves to be touched by the penetration of purity.

  • Inner Alchemy A10 Amber / Pink Terracotta (50ml) 39,16

    Gaia, Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, Being ordinary, accepting ourselves as we are right now enables the light within to shine out through all our acts and experience into community. Awaken from the sleep of what might have been, into the here and now, forgiving ourselves so that we are able to step into the present. Inner and outer nourishment; self-acceptance, non-judgement, community; a mirror and teacher.

  • Inner Alchemy A11 Lightest Coral / Lightest Lemon (50ml) 39,16

    Playfulness, the Guardians, the inner freedom to allow our beauty, our light, to play. Enthusiasm inspires creativity, in playfulness much is achieved, helping us to say yes to our inner feelings and intuition. Playfulness helps us let go where we need to, relaxing in the light of presence.

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    Inner Alchemy A12 Moonsilver / Moonsilver (50ml) 39,16

    Reflections and Projections, Embodied Wisdom, letting go of boundaries; reflections within reflections; the moon dissolves boundaries and thresholds. Edges become indistinct, colours seem to merge and flow. The Moon understands our common unity, a part of Mother Earth herself.

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    Inner Alchemy A13 Azure Blue / Terracotta (50ml) 39,16

    Kali, Change and Transitions, a new idea – blue, takes on form – red, transformation, rebirth, building a Jerusalem, a Camelot here on Gaia, reflects Heaven on Earth, the marriage of the anima and animus; realigning of opposites brings integration; to allow experience to filter into being for the purposes of growth. Each step we take, each breath we make, Gaia is watching us

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  • Inner Alchemy A14 Sapphire Blue / Lightest Magenta (50ml) 39,16

    The Veil, Through the Galaxy, our Shared Humanity. Humanity travelling upon our space ship Gaia through the galaxy offers universal brotherhood. A14 heralds a dream, a new paradigm, to value quality, community and conscious attention. Passing through the veil realigns our understanding of experience within the context of our values and level of presence. A new view of the star child soaring through space.

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    Full Set Inner Alchemy (50ml) 548,24

    The Full Set of 14 Inner Alchemy Equilibrium 50ml includes the following: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, A12, A13, & A14

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