B43 Creativity – Turquoise / Turquoise (50ml)

Dominant Characteristics: A searcher of truth who feels in harmony. Is very flexible and open to new things. Possesses communication abilities beyond the verbal level (dance, painting, music, etc.). Applies a creative note to everything that is done. Has a good spiritual connection. Is in contact with the heart and lets the heart decide.

Possible Challenge Aspects: A person who is possibly ruled by the patterns of the subconscious. Is not in touch with feelings, does not know the self, feels isolated and rejected. Someone who is not in touch.

Spiritual Level: Improves self-perception by opening the heart-level. Can gives courage to perform in front of larger groups, not so much as the “great guru”, but in a way that includes the listeners in the auditorium.

Mental Level: Inspires one to formulate and verbalise ideas, as well as to “dig out” subconscious matters and to talk about them. May support people who impart knowledge beyond language (for example, massage, dance, and music).

Emotional Level: Helps to feel accepted and to feel well overall. Can releases blockages around the heart.

  • Bottle name: “Creativity”
  • Plants: Lavender, Rose Geranium
  • Gems & Crystals: Rose Quartz, Demidovite, Chrysoprase, Turquoise
  • Body area: Heart
  • Belongs to: New Aeon Chakra Set
  • Related Pomander: Turquoise
  • Related Quintessence: Maha Chohan

By shaking the bottle and applying it as you would a body oil, you are nurturing yourself with the colour, plant and crystal energies. We recommend applying the oil both morning and night. The alchemy is in your hands, the unique energy in each Equilibrium bottle is unlocked when it touches your skin. Just as you must trust your intuition when selecting the Equilibrium bottles the same is true for where you choose to apply the bottles to the skin, there is no right and wrong. However while you learn to trust your intuition, the colours in your Equilibrium bottles can be applied to their corresponding colour chakra in your body.

  • B43 Creativity - Turquoise / Turquoise (50ml)


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      B43 Creativity - Turquoise / Turquoise (50ml)


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      SKU AS-EQ-044
      Main Theme Creative communication through the feeling side of being as the process of individuation unfolds
      Affirmation I am in the flow. I let go of everything that restricts my awareness of the flow of life
      Apply Around the entire heart area
      72 Angels of Kabbalah Iah-Hel
      Principal Quality Thirst for Knowledge

      To release and activate the vibrational energies of the ingredients in each Equilibrium bottle, remove the plastic lid, place the logo of Aura-Soma -on the bottle- facing towards your left side, shake the bottle vigorously with your left hand, (middle finger on top, second & forth finger ‘’on the shoulders’’ of the bottle, thumb on the bottom, until the two liquid fractions mix together, and at the same time use the affirmation that goes with the bottle you are using. Then apply on your skin.

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